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We are here: girls of newgrounds

2012-05-31 22:26:13 by artsykey

So this is just a realization I had recently. I've been perusing newgrounds thinking, "ooh this guy has a new game" and "I can't wait for that guy to get his sequel out." and it hits me. guy, guy, guy. Then I go through the movies and games on the front page and check each artist's gender. You guest it. all male. I did find a girl or two in the art section though. Not that it worries or concerns me that newgrounds seems to be mostly made up of a male population. I just found it interesting. I started thinking, am I one of the only girls in this community? Are there other girls like me who have been fans of newgrounds for years. But I think that there are probably plenty of girls like me out there on newgrounds. Maybe the girl population of newgrounds just aren't as active. So, if you are a girl on newgrounds (first of all give a shout out comment of "we are here" or something) and if you have a movie or game that you've been meaning to submit DO IT. Let's show that newgrounds is a site that appeals to all ages and genders. After all, the slogan is everything by everyone.


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2012-05-31 22:40:43

Err. Girls are usually the animators, artists or the voices.

Fighting strategy games which is most of the games that make newgrounds fanbase are usually not made by women. Also the number of women compared to men appealed by the design and content of newgrounds, is usually ALWAYS men (young ones at that).

My point. Ask yourself what a girl will "typically" look for when browsing online and what would particularly guide her to newgrounds, beyond a quick laugh. Newgrounds due to its usual audience demographic, is ok with not appealing with women. I mean as a woman, you need to be ok with a lot of things, be it EXTREME gore, sexist jokes (depicted as graphically as possible), male buddy daily companionship/talk- I mean how many women you know would have a gumption for that? Simply put, if they don't get it, they won't appreciate and won't come here.

So that's that. Speaking of design, deviantart is a place that boasts more equality in gender demographics. Why? Less obtrusive initial design and content, you need to dig really far to find something a girl wouldn't appreciate or at least not mind.

Thank you for the question. Enjoyed answering :)

artsykey responds:

Thanks for answering. I think you make many good points, but I don't think girls are as easily offended as you might think. Pesonally, if I see something I don't like I might avoid the user, but I don't avoid the site. They may be in a minority, but I think there are many strategy and story driven games on newgrounds that appeal to girls. It is true that I am not a huge amounts of gore, but many girls are probably fine with that. Also, I just finished the half-life series which has a descent amount of dead bodies and gore and was perfectly fine with it. I don't blame guys of newgrounds for the lack of appeal to woman. Instead, I just want to encourage woman to become more involved. Perhaps, if more is made by women, more will also appeal to women. Also, I think girls will understand most jokes even if they are from a male perspective. A game that a girl likes isn't necessarily a dress-up game (personally I despise those). Perhaps, next month I'll collect a list of games on newgrounds that I think will appeal to most girls. Personally, I'm a big fan of Gretel and Hansel despite the gore as well as some zombie games. Thanks for giving me something to think about.


2012-05-31 22:43:04

Wait was there a question, or am I just being a smartass?


2012-05-31 22:44:34

I was actually just thinking about that after seeing animation after animation where female characters have been played by males simply because there are a limited few females active in the community. I know I've had to do a voice for a female character before and it was one of the most challenging things I've ever had to do with my voice. It would just be easier if there were more girls here!


artsykey responds:

I do think it is funny sometimes to see the girls in animations voiced by men though! Gives me a laugh.


2012-05-31 23:10:35

There are more chicks than I thought there were on this site, but that being said, it's still a pretty low number. I'm not surprised by it at all. Although I would say that the male:female ratio of USERS is probably higher than the male:female ratio of actual CONTRIBUTORS to the site. What I mean is that there's a more balanced number if you were to remove everyone who doesn't make anything.

Everything, by MEN!


2012-05-31 23:52:46

"we are here!" :D

I'm a girl, and I've been with NG for a few years now. NG was actually the first game site I came onto, and have been enjoying it ever since. I'm also living with a large family of women, and I introduced them to this site, and there is plenty of games they love on here, however, I'm just about the only "entertainment" developer in my family, so don't count on any of them making something and posting it on NG.

Notice how I excluded myself? Yes, I do plan to make a game sometime in the future, I actually have several ideas for a game, but sadly I don't have the Flash knowledge. I did, however, thought about posting my first game on NG, but I never got around to making one (I like game design, but cartoon/comic/story writing is my passion). I've multiple scripts written out, but I don't have the program smarts to make it, and sadly I'm dedicating my life to improving my art than learning the mechanics of Flash. I am, however, studying another program that could help with a sort of visual novel/CYOA game I've been working on (and I think I may even be able to upload it on NG when I complete it). But my main point is, I don't really care to make anything just yet, and when I get inspired, I'm still at a lost for how.

Like BlueTazz said, not many games on here are directed towards women, but not for the reasons he listed; nothing can really offend me (especially nothing NG dished out), but I can't say I find the appeal in multiple first person shooters that follow the same goal, plus RPG makes me gag. I can do with a good fighting game, but NG is lacking, so mainly I visit the puzzle section, but there is only so many times I can play a push the "block off here, pop the balloon there, and drop the marble in the cup now" games with different ethnic skins. I guess I can say this for the "girls view", I do love life games, or games dealing with character development (story driven), and there's not many of those on here, so not many girls will flock to this site, I guess.

However, it does prove that NG is male heavy with the absent of female dating/life simulation type games out there, but that doesn't just go for NG, there is hardly any girl orient games about, unless you count the dress up games (billions of those out there) which I hate. Cant say why more males are making games, but I will say my excuse is just because I don't know how yet.

(Updated ) artsykey responds:

Thanks for the response! Have you ever thought of teaming up with a programmer? many of the best games on newgrounds have a separate artist and programmer. I think I might make a list next month of games on newgrounds girls are mor likely to enjoy. I have around 50 so far! Any suggestions would be helpful.


2012-06-01 00:12:45

What a joke, 99% of the "girls" on Newgrounds are actually guys trolling the lonely single social outcasts that inhabit this place. Everyone sucks up to them because they think they will get an online girlfriend and hook up in real life which never happens. Here's the truth: none of these "females" are women, they are 18 year old trolls and 40 year old perverted men.

artsykey responds:

Well then call me 1% of 1% (also know as .01%) cause I am a real girl with only the best intentions.


2012-06-01 00:29:54

It's true that Newgrounds is mainly male-dominated,
but the explanations below pretty much justify why that is so.
However, although I'm not an animator or programmer,
I am a voice actress who is still fairly new to this website.
But I have every intention of contributing more of my voice to Newgrounds.
So, "we are here!" :)


2012-06-01 01:21:00

"we are here"! I LOVE you for posting this! Honestly, I was thinking something similar recently, but I never would have thought to actually put it out there and ask.
Even though I've only had an NG account since '09, I've been playing the games here for muuuuuch longer. I have to admit, though, you'll probably never see any kind of movie or game from me, haha, but I have toyed around with the idea of creating art for NG or getting into voice acting.
Kind of in response to BlueTazz: It is really rare for me to find something on Newgrounds that I don't understand, or don't think is funny/fun/etc, even though I've seen more than my fair share of penises, haha. I'll play just about anything though, unless it's a sport or FPS game (haha, still girly that way, I guess). I think the only place that a girl might feel completely left out would be the 18+ section, since that is pretty much all male-centered.
So, yeah, I hope more gals post up on here! As of my post, we have maybe 2... yikes.

artsykey responds:

Thanks for the response! If you remember any games that you greatly enjoyed please share. I think I'll make a list and split it into catogories like "lot's of fluff" and "girls that can handle gore" and "artsy fartsy" I'll see how it goes.


2012-06-01 01:45:22

Hey, you guys still have Jaxxy!


2012-06-01 01:57:56

Very tempted to say "Tits of GTFO".



2012-06-01 02:59:37

Between cooking and cleaning there really isn't much internet time left in the day.


2012-06-01 03:27:44

I'm a girl as well, but I don't do movies or games hehe, just art.
My main function on NG is to bring a bit of feminine erotic material to the scene, since the adult art here does seem to mostly be drawn by and for men, despite the high number of dicks present. Lol.
I watch movies a lot more than games, but I'm generally not much of a gamer anyway so I just enjoy the other media. I'm far more into the art and movies. I find the lack of strict censorship here very appealing, something I didn't feel I had the same way at Deviantart at the time I left.
I do sometimes wonder just what it is that brings women to NG, but then I just assume it's probably similar to what brought me here.


2012-06-01 06:44:04

Total Respect Girl !


2012-06-01 07:55:46

I'm a girl on Sundays.. Stockings and all.

Call me and we'll hook up for mad transgender sex.


2012-06-01 08:49:28

The only well known girl that I can think of is Rinachan.
And that's only because she's put herself in as many projects possible to make herself well known.


2012-06-01 11:59:44

Only one I can think of is Sour-Cherry. She's a lesbian, so that would explain it. :D


2012-06-01 15:17:42

Ellebirdy23 makes good remixes of videogame songs. There's also Caxx, she's had her hands in a few animations. Aside from Rinachan, that's all I can think of off the bat.


2012-06-01 17:27:27

Gagsy, rina-chan, Hnilmik, artistgamergirl, etc. There are afew, but you know. A site with mostly dick jokes, video game jokes and other various crapogrophy isn't too attractive to a very wide audience.

INB4 "no girlz on teh internetz"


2012-06-01 19:31:08

i noticed the same thing. im a guy, but non the less i also noticed that girls dont really upload movies or games. they do however rule for the most part the voice-acting part of the website. :3


2012-06-01 20:21:54

I'm here for the sausage fest. ;)


2012-06-01 23:48:29

Im a girl too and have been here for a while. Over the years I noticed the default assumption of my gender is male. I must admit though, Im guilty of referring to everyone here as 'he' most of the time. I mostly do my animations solo (aside from the voices :P) I dont think my stuff has a male vibe to it but its not overly feminine either... *shrugs*
But if you think about it, the videogame and animation industry is very male dominated so it makes sense the newgrounds community is this way. Ive yet to come across any videogame/animation sites geared towards girls exclusively, nothing this massive anyway.


2012-06-02 09:41:06

Ok, off the top of my head...
Jaxxy, Emily-Youcis, Sucho, Nicol3, Hania, MoriChax, Comick, Sabtastic, Caxx, CosmicDeath, Manamei, Rina-Chan, ArtistGamerGal, SereneKitchen, Dei-Sama, uhhh... and I'm pretty sure Luis has a vagina if that counts for anything.


2012-06-02 09:43:36

Jaxxy makes great cartoons. Sabtastic is a great artist. Hania is a good musician and has her hands in a few very good animations. Sure there's fewer girls, but the there are still really good female artists here.


2012-06-02 11:37:54

you are sexist


2012-06-02 14:38:21

As much as I hate to say it, most of the internet is guys so there really shouldn't be any surprise that this site is lacking in the females to male ratio.


2012-06-02 19:29:13

Fun fact: A survey was done a couple of years ago on NG's demographics, and the results said that NG's users were 96% male.

Just think about that. 4% of the entire audience on this site are FUCKING LIARS!


2012-06-02 19:36:16

All the girls are in college studying, or fucking the 4% of guys not on Newgrounds.

artsykey responds:

I'm in college, got all A's, am a girl, and am on newgrounds.