We are here: girls of newgrounds

2012-05-31 22:26:13 by artsykey

So this is just a realization I had recently. I've been perusing newgrounds thinking, "ooh this guy has a new game" and "I can't wait for that guy to get his sequel out." and it hits me. guy, guy, guy. Then I go through the movies and games on the front page and check each artist's gender. You guest it. all male. I did find a girl or two in the art section though. Not that it worries or concerns me that newgrounds seems to be mostly made up of a male population. I just found it interesting. I started thinking, am I one of the only girls in this community? Are there other girls like me who have been fans of newgrounds for years. But I think that there are probably plenty of girls like me out there on newgrounds. Maybe the girl population of newgrounds just aren't as active. So, if you are a girl on newgrounds (first of all give a shout out comment of "we are here" or something) and if you have a movie or game that you've been meaning to submit DO IT. Let's show that newgrounds is a site that appeals to all ages and genders. After all, the slogan is everything by everyone.